Wave Headed Curtains Explained!

Mar 29, 2021

Wave headed curtains are one of the newest styles of curtain headings. It works on a track and offers a sleek look within a room. Operated by a unique glider cord to create the continuous wave effect, these curtains not only look stunning when drawn but stack back very neatly when not in operation, and help to maximize the light in a room.

Wave Heading Curtains Explained Video

Who Invented The Wave Headed Curtain?

The original wave headed curtain was invented by Silent Gliss, and they remain the market leaders in the wave curtain tracks which are crucial to the operation of this heading.

Style and Where The Wave Curtain Can Be Found

The Wave heading will stay looking very neat and formal for many years, without the need for ongoing care. However, it is important to get the installation right to ensure this!

A favorite within hotels and other establishments when a polished modern look is required. The wave curtain is most suited to sitting or living areas. You can often spot it within waiting areas and lobbies, as its sleek look lends itself to a professional environment.

A wave headed curtain being installed!

How Much Do Wave Headed Curtains Cost?

Let’s talk pricing. The pricing does tend to be more expensive because:

  • The fabric quantity required to create the fullness is higher
  • A specialist pole or track is required to create the signature ripple look,
  • Installation can be trickier due to use of specialist tools

Hopefully, you’ve now got a much better idea of what a wave curtain is. It might just be the best choice for your environment! Should you happen to be looking for curtains our team is a call away. We’re always happy to help you, so get in touch here!

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