Health Care Interior Design Trends 2020 – Revealed!

Oct 3, 2019

example healthcare interior design trend 2020

Health care interior design trends 2020

The interiors of a room can have a big effect on the way people are feeling, which is why they are so important. From wall colour to the curtain fabric, working carefully with the interiors can have positive impacts on the service users. It has been proven that pale and pastel colours have a calming effect on viewers compared to vivid colourings. It is also well known that introducing colour to a room makes it seem more homely and comfortable than having it stark white which is often looked at as clinical and unwelcoming.
Read on for a breakdown of all the health care interior design trends that are coming next year which will enhance your space and have a positive impact on staff and residents alike.

The top 4 health care interior design trends coming in 2020


– One of the main soft furnishing styles that are going to be big in 2020 is patterns. Although bright and busy patterns are not desirable where the establishments deal with patients suffering from dementia or who get easily distressed, they do make a space cheerful and welcoming, whilst adding interest and an element of lightness to places that often can be dealing with serious situations. Busy patterns also resonate well when installed in student accommodation where they bring a youthful feel as well as increasing interest in an often small-sized room.


Velvet is also going to continue setting trends in 2020. Adding velvet incorporates a striking focal point into a room and is an easy way to uplift and smarten the surroundings. As fire-retardant velvet is often dearer than the alternative printed fabrics, care homes often use it for smaller soft furnishings like cushions. For hotels, it is more likely that full velvet curtains will be used to give a classier feel and imply a sense of grandeur.


The use of curtains is looking to increase next year. In previous times where only a blind would have been purchased, adding curtains to the same window opening is an effective way of making a room space welcoming and helping the residents feel more at home. Curtains for the upcoming year are looking fuller and heavier than previous years, with more material being used in the making of them to give an eye-catching look.


Colour is so important when working with interiors as it can completely change a space. For health care interior design trends 2020, soothing tones are very fitting for healthcare purposes. The main colours that will be trending are oranges, pinks, blues and greens in both warm and cool hues. There are specific colours that work better in certain types of care establishments (for more information read our post on Dementia Interiors) however any tones that are calming or muted are a safe choice to go for. Muted colours will work well with high-end areas too, for example, hotels, where the soft tones bring glamour to a room scheme because of the understated feel.
Interior trends are always changing however if you invest in quality materials and care for them well, the soft furnishings you choose will look good for a long time.

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