Our Sticker Supplier!

Nov 5, 2020

With more exciting products coming out at Bridge Contract Interiors we decided to begin our branding process for these new additions to the Bridge range simply, with branded stickers.

We’re working with UK company Discount Sticker Printing, a Doncaster-based sticker and label printing company.

Discount Sticker Printing provide customised packaging labels for companies throughout the UK. With great sustainability measures in place, Discount Sticker Printing take many steps throughout their production process to minimize their own environmental impact. They use recyclable materials during their packaging process, this includes fully recyclable plain cardboard and pillow wrap which is 99% air and made from 100% recyclable materials.

They offer quality customized products at low prices with a great customer service team to help your project run smoothly.

We’re looking forward to sharing our new branded products with you, so watch this space!

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