CubiTrack™ – Dual Cubicle Track

Product Description

The CubiTrack™ (Patent Pending) has been developed to provide a solution in hospital wards for fitting a dual-track system that can be retrofitted to existing cubicle tracks without the need for tools. It does not require installation by a contractor.

The CubiTrack™ is the only solution on the market whereby an additional track can be added to an existing cubical rail system with no tools. CubiTrack™ can be retrofitted to most other brands of cubicle tracking systems including Goelst, Silent Gliss, and Movatrack.

The Problem – Using two curtains on the same track. This is a solution for providing a protective barrier but it does have limitations, it means the privacy curtains have to be permanently drawn down the side of the bed which can make the patients feel closed in.

The Bridge Solution – The dual-track, the combination of CubiScreen™ and CubiTrack™ provides an effective barrier between patients and staff to help restrict the transmission of infection.

Additional Product Details

• Can be installed without tools very quickly
• No need for contractors in the wards
• Allows privacy curtains to be operated independently to clear PVC curtain (CubiScreen™)
• The CubiTrack™ can be purchased separately and is compatible with most other clear curtains, this will improve the operation where clear curtains are attached to the same rail as the privacy curtain.
• No impact or damage to existing fixtures
• Lowest cost per bed space of any dual solution
• UK patent pending no: GB2016860.5

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