Eyelet Curtains Explained!

May 7, 2021

Eyelet curtains are made for use only with curtain poles. This works by having metal rings punched into the heading of the curtain. They slide along the pole and add a contemporary look to any room. A big advantage of these is that they are incredibly simple to assemble and operate. This means there’s no need to worry about broken strings or uneven pleats! Eyelet curtains hang well from the outset, with neat straight pleats from top to bottom.

Styles and Where Eyelets Can Be Found?

Let’s discuss what type of environment would be best suited to an eyelet curtain.

Eyelets are great for student accommodation, care homes, hotels, and other environments where the curtains need to be robust. They look great in pretty much any scenario! Most frequently seen in living and sleeping space, the dramatic pleated look can add that extra something to any type of room.

Where wont eyelets work?

Eyelet curtains don’t go past the bracket, so on a bay window, eyelet curtains aren’t suitable.  Where the window reveal is too close to the ceiling, the eyelet will allow light to spill around the pole.

Eyelet’s installed within a care home dining room

How Much Do Eyelets Cost?

Moving onto pricing. Eyelets are great if you’re window dressing on a budget as they are fairly inexpensive. The metal rings in the curtain mean you are using less fullness. This helps to keep costs down.

These curtains work on any type of pole giving you a massive amount of choice and range over what type of pole hardware you go for. This ensures they will fit in perfectly with your chosen interior style! Standard eyelets are 40mm to be used on a 28mm pole. However, we do also offer 50mm and 66mm eyelets for larger poles.

Now that’s a snapshot on eyelets! If you want them for your establishment, please get in touch and talk to an expert. Our team is on hand to offer advice and support for your curtain project. Want to find out more? Check out our video below on eyelet curtains. Or call us on 0800 619 6190 or drop us a message here!

Video explaining eyelet curtains

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